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Plastic Injection Molding Machines by Country

Country location can be one of the most useful ways of locating suppliers. We have the broadest range of injection molding machines and service companies which can be sourced by country helping global plastics engineers searching and purchasing from worldwide injection molding machine manufacturers.



Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers by Country:  
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The series of Romi Thermoplastic Injection Molding Machines consist of lines: Primax, Velox and Peripherals. The Cinpres and StarSeiki lines.

Canada, Austria
As the world's largest dedicated injection machine manufacturer, ENGEL's commitment to the injection molding industry is unsurpassed.  We offer standard and special machines for every application.
Canada, USA
With one of the broadest product lines in the injection molding industry, customers choose Husky for our expertise in PET, hot runners, molds, robots and for the Hylectric and large-tonnage Quadloc systems.
YUH-Dak Machines
United Kingdom, Canada, China
Manufacture of vertical plastic overmolding injection molding machines. CNC Engraving Machines, for fast prototyping and mold making.

Asian Plastic Machinery
Many models to choose from. Double-toggle . Heavy duty double-toggle . Two-platen (tp series) . Hydraulic clamping (hc series) . All electric (ej series) . High speed (ts series).
Chen Hsong
Hong Kong, China
Established in 1958, Chen Hsong Machinery Co., the world's leading injection moulding machine manufacturer with research teams and production lines located in Hong Kong and mainland China. 20 to 3,200 tons and shot capacity from 1 to 736 oz.
China Jazzmold Plastic Machine & Mold
Injection molding machines from 80 tonnes to 568 tonnes, which have the shot weight from 110g to 2292g.
China Ningbo Haitai Machinery
Haitai produces about 20 models of quality injection molding machines (toggle machine), with clamping force from 60 to 2000 tons and injection weight from 61g to 12427g; Haitai produces about 3500 injection molding machine in one year.
Creator Precision Co., Ltd.
Hydraulic, Two Shot, (Two Color) and All Electric plastic injection molding machines from 25 to 500 tons. Also a leading manufacturere of (EDM) Electrical discharge machinery. ISO 9002 Approved.
ENAIVIV Machinery
EIM-ENAIVIV INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES are the most stable, durable, advanced & high tech plastic injection solution. Systems for special material such as BMC(Bulk molding compound), PA, PMMA, PPS, LCP,PBT, Thermosets.
Fu Chun Shin
Plastics Injection Molding Machine from 60 to 3000 Tons clamping force. PET preform injection molding machines, and Gas assisted injection molding systems.
Huarong Plastic Machinery
Well-known for manufacturing safe, durable, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic injection molding machines for the past 20 years
Hwa Chin Machinery Factory
High temperature (above 450oC) and high pressure (above 3000kg/cm2) injection systems. Super large plastic injection molding machine (clamping force over 4000 tons) in Taiwan.
Jon Wai Machinery Works
Toggle Clamping System Machines from 55 tons to 6000 tons, Hydraulic Clamping Machines from 50 tons to 280 tons, Thermosetting Plastic Machines from 60 tons to 500 tons, Two-Color Machines, and Powder PVC Machines.
King's Machinery & Engineering
Precision, Efficient, Silent, Powerful, Rapid. Hydraulic machines, thermo-press machines, vertical & horizontal injection molding machines.
We are one of the largest hot-chamber and cold-chamber die-casting machine manufacturer in the world. Our plastic injection molding machines also capture a very important position in the market.
Lien Fa Injection Machinery

Automatic hydro-mechanical type, injection molding machines. 40 - 2500 tons. PET preform and dual color machines.

Vertical, horizontal and PET, Liquid Slicone injection machines.
Manufactures all series of "CHIN-EI shoe-making machines.
Specializes in the PET industry with mission to build the most unique and reliable PET machinery.
Tat Ming
Product range includes the TM series and the ME series with a clamping force of 20 to 425 tonnes and shot weight of 1 oz to 41.7 oz.
Tederic Machinery
80 - 1000 ton machines. Specializing in PET preforms, powdered UPVC and thin wall parts. Holds a CE certificate issued by German -Rhine TUV for the production of injection molding machines.
TMC Magnetics & Machinery
Since 1977, TMC has manufactured horizontal injection molding machines, ranging in size from 66-1,100 U.S.tons. TMC machines are built to last with select components, including Sumitomo and Vickers pumps, Nachi proportional valves, Rexroth and Vickers valves, and Siemens UL approved industrial controls.
VICTOR Taichung
Injection moulding machines from 20-1600 tons including hydraulic, electric and toggle machines.
18 different sizes of plastic injection units, with clamping force ranges from 60 tons up to 2500 tons.
Yeong Chin Machinery Industries
The Toggle clamping series features strengthened screws, platen bars and eco-lubrication system. It can adopt the complete closed-loop servo Nitrogen accumulator for high-speed thin film and optical electronic components production. Other series of hydraulic and single cylinder models.

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