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The Netherlands

Stork Plastics Machinery
The Netherlands

Stork-N: Our standard machine range. These machines are most flexible in concept and design, and fit for any task. Stork-S: This machine range is famous for it's high speed, and most suited for packaging applications. Stork-T: the full hydraulic two platen machine range is most suited for the production of large technical mouldings.

FORMET is a leading injection mold manufacturer in Poland with highly qualified toolmakers and over 45 years of experience on the market. FORMET is involved in the production of extrusion press and injection moulding dies for plastics, rubber injection and vulcanizing dies, pressure casting dies for metals and punching tools. FORMET is active in exporting products around the world to such countries as Russia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and others.

ATEC Plastics
Russia, Asia
ATEC offers high quality injection moulding machines, which include our high speed toggle machines, our direct clamp hydraulic machines and our dual colour injection machines for producing multi-coloured parts.
Kirov Plant (Litmash)
Machines and lines for making shoes, sleepers, rubber boots, galoshes, soles, machine for moulding machines with an injection volume from 75 cu. cm up to 7500 cu. cm.
Thermoplastic automatic machines with a working capacity of up to 500 cm3

More than 50 years of experience in this field. Injection moulding machines and production system from Netstal are characterized by precision, speed, reliability, user-friendliness and economic efficiency.
Sadaplast Americas
Sadaplast designs and builds insert molding automations and production systems for virtually any industrial application.

Mateu i Sole

Battenfeld (USA) Battenfeld stands for special processing technologies such as Airmould®, multi-material processing, micro injection molding, in-mold lamination of textile materials, Aquamould®, LIM or PIM, to name but a few. Models include:
Series TM
Series TMS
Series HM (up to 4500 kN)
Series HM (from 5500 kN)
Series EM
Series PLUS
Single-station and multiple-station low-pressure injection molding systems in a variety of configurations, including freestanding, linear track and rotary table designs. For producing medium to ultra large parts, injector shot capacities range from 2.25 kg (5lb.) to 100 kg (221lb).
Insert molding - the world’s first rotating,moveable platen on an injection molding machine.
Jaco Manufacturing
50 and 75-ton C-Frame insert molding machines.
Milacron we offers full lines of advanced injection molding equipment. All electric, multi-material and traditional injection molding systems
The low price of the "Wasp" Mini-Jector combined with its low tooling costs, make small production runs of 100 pieces as economically efficient and practical as runs of thousands.
Mitsubishi USA Same as above.
Nissei America Optical part molding machines, Vertical molding machines, 2-color/dissimilar material/Mixed-color molding machines, Compact precision molding machines.
Presma (USA) Presma's "BIC" range count 20 different models of injection rotary machines for sandwich moulding with 30 to 600 tons clamping force.
Sandretto USA Injection machines to 5000 tons. Windsor PlugXpress 'plug-n-play' injection units, Bodini ELEDRIVE high-end all-electric injection molding machines
Tederic North American Machinery
80 - 1000 ton machines. Specializing in PET preforms, powdered UPVC and thin wall parts. Holds a CE certificate issued by German -Rhine TUV for the production of injection molding machines.
Toshiba Machine (USA) 45 models of AC Servo electric and hydraulic injection molding machines including two-component, turbo charged and LIM machines.
Ube USA UBE die casting machines,UBE injection molding machines, UBEMAX-MD large-capacity all-electric molding machines.
Van Dorn Demag
Headquartered in Strongsville, Ohio Demag Plastics Group Corp. is the largest manufacturer of injection molding machines in North America with its range covering clamping forces from 28 to 4,400 tons.
The company began by specializing in hand operated laboratory presses, but today has evolved in to a major domestic US manufacturer of many types of machines and hydraulic presses for rubber and plastics production as well as research. Included are vertical elastomer and vacuum molding machines for compression and transfer molding and laminating, die cutting and trimming.

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