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Injection Molding Journals:    
About texturizing (Mold-Tech)  
Plastics 101 (LNP)  
Automotive Learning Center  
Effect of gamma sterilization on glass-reinforced and lubricated thermoplastics (Med. Plast.)  
Guidelines for designing injection molding part (Harbec Plastics)  
How to select a plastic injection moulding machine (Tat Ming)  
Injection moulding of thin wall articles (Tat Ming)  
Machines hourly rates (Plastics Technology)  
Macrogalleria - Learn all kinds of nifty stuff about polymers and polymer science  
Mold cost estimator (UFE)   
Molding guidelines (RTP Company)  
Pitfalls in injection moulding of plastics (P.Bolur)  
Plastic molding parts design  
Plastic testing (Plastics Technology Laboratories)  
Plastics (SanDiego Plastics)  
Plastics part design and mouldability (P.Bolur)  
PMI troubleshooting guide  
Polymer Processing  
Polymer types: properties and applications (PRASWEB)  
Product technology for silicon elastomers (GE Silicones)  
Properties of plastic materials (  
Quality injection moulding (Tat Ming)  
Recycled resin prices (Plastics Technology)  
Resin prices (Plastics Technology)  
Resin pricing (Plastics News)  
RTP Company processing conditions  
Screw design in injection molding (R.Dray)  
Technologycal solutions for total quality in injection moulding of plastics (P.Bolur)  
Technologycal tools for part design, mould design and mould fabrication (P.Bolur)  
Thermoplastic warpage (LNP)  
Top ten design tips (DuPont)  
Top ten moulding problems (DuPont)  
Trends in plastics  
Tutorial on polymer composite molding (Michigan University)  
Understanding selection of injection moulding machine (P.Bolur)  
What is melt index? (BP Solvay) pdf  
Why molds are expensive? (Ventura Precision Molding)  

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