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AutomotivInjection molds for abroad range of industries including:
  • Computer
  • Electrical Appliance
  • Domestic
  • Packaging
  • Australian/International Standard ISO 9001-1997

    Our specialities includes the following:
  • Blowmoulding moulds
  • Injection moulds
  • Moulds for blow injection
  • Pet moulds (one integrated stage)
  • Pet moulds (two stages)
  • Bi-oriented blowmoulding moulds
  • Moulds for "in mould labeling"
  • Production of components and periphericals for these processes

  • Canada
    Hallmark Technologies
    High quality molds and optic components for the production of plastic products across the entire world. Hallmark's team of over 300 specialists create synergies which enable Hallmark to build some of the best molds and create the most innovative tooling in the world.
    K & K Tool Ltd
    As one of the most renowned mold makers in Eastern Canada (since 1962) and pioneer in the application of CAD/CAM technology to mold making, we take pride in our ability to adapt the latest advances to our trade.
    Novamold is equipped with highly accurate and versatile machine tools for the machining of cavities, cores and mold bases. We employ the latest technology including CNC and Electrical Discharge Machines.


    Professional Tooling. Prototype, Production, High cavitation,
    Close tolerance, Rapid prototyping

    Redoe Mold

    A solid reputation for continuous quality & service since 1969, Redoe Mold is a design & build specialist of Multi-colour Tail Lamp Programs, Appliqués, Reflectors & Lenses for the automotive industry.
    Weber Manufacturing

    P20 steel injection molds for automotive interior and exterior panels. Hot runner, gas injection and valve gate systems. High pressure NVD nickel injection molds can offer more than 50% weight reduction and significant cycle time improvement over steel molds. Hundreds of low pressure NVD nickel shells have been produced for injection/compression molds for sinks and bathtubs.

    China Jazzmold Plastic Machine & Mold With years of experience in mold making, we know a thing to two about the design or tooling of molds. At any point in design process, we are happy to advise, share expertise with you to meet mutual goals.
    China Ningbo Huake Mold Manufacture We have obtained Japan, United States, Russia, British and other foreign customer's trust and are supported from overseas corporations because of our reliable quality and perfect service.
    Deinvent Technologies Co.,Ltd. Plastic mould and rapid prototyping, die-casting mould are our main manufacture products. Our company is specially engaged in design and manufacturing precision plastic injection mould, die-castings mould and OEM&ODM service, in order to satisfy various demands of clients, we also provide sourcing service based on rich experience of various fields.
    Fine Tech Fine Tech is a Hong Kong based company specializing in undertaking plastic injection mold, Die-Casting mold, Blow mold and plastic components production . All product operations are conducted at the factory which is located in Dongguan Humen , China . It has 30,000 sq. feet of manufacturing and possesses 50 experienced tooling technicians .
    Globe Industries
  • Sand Castings
  • Plastic Injection Single & Multi-Cavity Molding
  • Plastic Blow Molding
  • Die Stamped Metal Products
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Machined Metal Parts
  • Assembly
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Jieshida Ningbo Jieshida Plastic Moulding Manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing precise and complicated injection modules and die casting with various sizes. Our company covers 15,000 square meters with 8,000 square meters of facilities. There are total 150 workers, including 68 professional engineers and 12 economists.
    Ningbo Yixian Jia Li Lai Plastic Mold Factory Ningbo Yinzhou Jialilai Mould Aluminum Plastic Co.,Ltd is a special mould manufacturer integrated with design, reseach, development, manufacturing, process and marketing as a whole. It is located in Ningbo of Zhejiang,

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