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Actech Actech has experience in the development of a wide variety of Tools including high production molds, multiphasic molds, multi-shot molds and insert molds.
Chang Yi Plastic Molds We are a CAD/CAM/CAE company specializing in the design and production of injection molds. Our services include Mold design using 2D and 3D models, Preparation of prototype models and soft molds, Fabrication of production molds, Molding service and specialty secondary operation in assembly.
Ho Hsing Steel Mold

Plastic injection mold for the industries of computer, oa facility, home appliance, tv, & air condition, refrigerator, wash machine, toy & games ,gas injection, pvc pipe fittings and more.

Hong Da Steel Molds Industry HONG DA products include plastic injection mold design, steel mold, plastic molding parts; the items include:
computer monitor peripherals.
Jyr Dar Steel Mold Designs and manufactures for plastic, bakelite, BMC, zinc alloy, magnesium precision moulds for import and export.
King Can Industry Precision Mold Manufacturing and Development
Sa Chen Steel Mold The design and manufacture of plastic steel molds and precision molds (telephone, television, VCR, computer, business machines, ect.)
Sheng Wang Mold & Plastics Sheng Wang Mold & Plastics Industry Corp. was established in June 1990, specialized in making various types of molds and plastic. The owner combines his 20 years of experience in steel molds and advanced technology in the plastic mold industry.
Soul Chain Mold & Tool Industrial From concept to mold manufacturing to final finest products Soul Chain combines trandional mold making craft with latest technology for your quality specific, and perform a exquisite long lifespan mold.
Yeu Teh Mold With over 25-year experience in mold designing and constructing,YTC was established in 1992 as a professional manufacturer and exporter of Plastics Injection Mold and Die Casting.
Young Yi Steel Mold Company We design and manufacturing quality tooling for plastic injection molding including Computers, Electronic, Components, and Household electronics.
Yuan Yee Precise Machinery High quality molds with more than 1,000 sets of mold to the US, 300 sets to Europe, 200 sets to Asian countries and are praised by our customers.

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